who are we

The grass is greener outside 

We are where nature and nurture collide. A universe all our own.

With a curated collection of nature based, eco friendly products that bring together all of the best parts of an adventurous life, we aim to bring families together over a shared love of the small things in life. We believe that there’s more to life than the school – work – retire timeline. Life is what happens in between. It’s seeing your kids enthusiastically gush over a new book, or a seed that has finally burst through the earth. It’s packing up the car to find a secluded campground for the weekend. It’s packing a picnic and lugging it up a mountain, because that’s where the best views are. It’s what you make of it, and there’s nothing more magical than that.

We’re for you, and the raw, authentic moments that form the days that you want to remember. That’s where you’ll find us; tucked up in to the small details of your memory bank.

Hello, I’m Stefanie

Ravenclaw. Flower Lover. Collector of books. Introvert. Feminist.
It’s nice to meet you!

Along with my partner, I homeschool our two children & run Hello Luna from our home in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. Growing up, I was immersed in nature for most of my days. Whether it was as simple as roaming the streets of our tiny town with friends after school, or spending weeks at a time on our family farm, or camping & hiking our way across the coast, nature & the great outdoors played a pivotal role in my upbringing, that now manifests as a deep love & appreciation for mother nature. Hello Luna allows me to share that, by curating pieces that complement a nature-based lifestyle, that encourage time outdoors, that help to educate generations of children on the wonder of the world around us. It allows me to build a community of women that feel the same, that want to pass on the love of nature to their own children or rediscover it in themselves, who want to expand their horizons & follow their curious minds to wherever they may lead. Hello Luna is, in essence & eternally, for you.

So what are you doing here? The wild awaits. 

Technical deets: Nathannika Pty Ltd T/A Hello Luna. ABN: 92608263636