Becoming a parent, one of the most fundamental and universal of all human experiences, is oftentimes referred to as the beginning of life’s greatest adventure. When you become a parent (whether that begins at conception, adoption, or birth for you), not only is a child brought forth in to the world; a new mother is too. This moment in our lives provides a shift, a clear divide between ‘before’, and ‘after’. And while our new bundle is rightfully welcomed with open arms, it can often leave a new mother out in the dark. In a recent poll during one of our infamous Sunday Sesh’s (follow along on insta to join the conversation) a whopping 93% of you said that the first few years of motherhood were the loneliest years of your entire life to date. A few more stats from that session reveal an alarming trend:

96% of you stated that your mental health got worse after becoming a mother.

48% didn’t feel that they got enough support by the friends and family that knew of their struggles.

85% said they felt alone, even if they weren’t physically alone.

84% said they feel like no one really cares or understands.

It hurt my heart to see these answers coming in, one after the other, as women opened up and revealed painful truths. Motherhood is a time of change, likely the biggest change any one of us will undergo in a lifetime. It’s a time that we need love and support the most. And we’re doing it alone. Maybe not physically alone, but mentally, we’re in the trenches and there’s not a soul in sight.

One thing these stats show me is that we aren’t alone in our struggles after all. There’s so many of us out there feeling the exact same way, staggering through the sleep-deprived daze craving understanding and community. Looking for our place and our people, for where we belong; like anything in life, this journey is made inexplicably easier when you have an ear nearby that just gets it, you know? And while I may be incapable of providing a physical space, I can provide a platform. A space to see if maybe, just maybe, THIS is where we belong. In this messy digital world, we’ve managed to find each other, and if that’s not a thing of beauty then I don’t know what is.

And so, I welcome you to The Motherhood Journal – The ultimate sisterhood. A series of posts by mothers as they talk about their story, their experiences with motherhood so far and the hopes they have for the future. We hope by sharing these stories, you’ll feel a little less alone, and a little more hope. May you always find a place here.



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