• Once Upon A Time •

Once Upon A Time, I was criticised for being 16 & pregnant.
I was looked at as a child with a child. Perhaps they were right.. in hindsight I didn’t have a licence, I didn’t have money and I didn’t have a plan. I was not as “together” as all the other 20 something year old mothers; I was S I X T E E N ! However I felt like I was 30.

I knew from the second that strip turned pink that this was what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. I would live my life for this & any other child I would bare. I did not have much in terms of materialistic things, but I had a feeling throughout my entire body that this child and I would be ok. From the get go I had a million and one people telling me how I should be doing things and how NOT to do things, people who wanted to take over and then get angry when I wouldn’t let them take over.

I had negative vibes almost everywhere I turned and this was all before she was even born. It was overwhelming to say the least, but did I let anybody see that it was overwhelming me? God no!
I had so many people try to scare me out of having this baby with horror labour stories, yet nobody thought to educate me on how it all worked. I honestly went into labour NOT knowing I had to give birth to a placenta so when it came time and the midwife said “okay another little push” I thought I was having twins.

It was far from easy, emotionally or physically but I got through it by knowing my strength. I knew I could do it and I had the determination to prove them all wrong. I had a love so strong for this little baby girl that nothing was going to stand in our way of success.
9 years have past since I was frowned upon and ridiculed everywhere I went, and yet every so often I still feel the judgemental eyes of the people trying to figure out how old I must have been to have an 9 year old child and be so young..
My children are now 9, soon to be 5, and we have a newborn on the way, and every time I look at them playing & laughing I still get the exact same feeling I got when that first test strip turned pink.

Pure love ♥️✨

This post was written by Sharna Cazzy, a young mother of 3 from Aus. You can meet her and her darling family for yourself by following along on insta (thefiercemama)

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