Wildflowers | ‘Common Daisy’ | Bellis Perennis ‘White’

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This is truly beautiful. Get this. The name translates from the Latin, Bellus meaning pretty and perennis meaning perennial or forever. “Pretty Forever” not so stock standard. You may know it as a Lawn Daisy or English Daisy, but our favourite is the term “Day’s Eye” and is a reference to the way that the flower closes at night and opens in the day. Watch out. Low-growing, carpet-forming perennial win.


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Wildflowers are best planted from March to September and will bloom from August to January. These little beauties need around six hours of sunlight a day in order to thrive ☼

Our Wildflower blend includes white common daisies.

1500 seeds

For a full guide on how best to plant your brand new seeds, click here.

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