Mother earth

Here are a few ways we try to care for our planet →

  • We reuse our packaging. Where suitable, all of the packaging we receive, we reuse to send out our own orders. We also take donations from other sources such as local businesses, so that their packaging is being reused instead of going straight to the bin. This also makes packaging more cost-effective! As an aside, if you’re local to the hunter valley and would like to donate packaging, pop us a message!
  • This means that sometimes your order may come in boxes with prints that don’t necessarily relate to our business. If this is an issue, just let us know and we’ll ensure it arrives in a plain packaged box instead.
  • If your packaging arrives with fill that is not eco-friendly, be assured that it’s instead being reused – it may have come to us in other packaging, been collected by us when it otherwise would have gone to landfill, or is leftover from craft projects.
  • When we don’t have any boxes or filling to reuse, we order eco-friendly options. Recycled boxes and papers, biodegradable tape and bubble wrap, biofill beans. If we get caught out with packaging, we’ll duck to the post office and do our best to buy eco-friendly options.
  • We prioritise eco-friendly brands – they get a whole bunch of bonus brownie points when we’re selecting who to stock in our store.
  • All of our products are ethically made – no sweat shops.
  • Our business cards and assorted branded stationary are all printed on recycled card using vegetable-based inks, by an Australian company. This however excludes our branded magnets, which are produced at an alternate Australian company.
  • We limit our delivery pick up days where we can to every other day (excluding peak periods when required).

If you know of any other cost-effective ways we can reduce our footprint, we would love for you to let us know! We are always aiming to improve – once you know better, you do better!