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Curious? You’re not the only one! Luna Loves is our exclusive showcase program. Every month, we’ll highlight an item from our store and we’ll teach you about how it’s used, it’s maker, it’s story, where it’s from, what makes it so great – anything we think you might not know already. We’ll announce our new showcase on our social media at the beginning of each month, so stay tuned in case something you’ve had your eye on pops up – who doesn’t love a good story, and with a sale to boot! (Wait, did I say sale? I did! Read on, friends!)

For the duration of the month, you will also receive special discounts on our showcase item – be quick though, stock is limited, and once the month is over, so too are the savings!

Past Luna Loves:

April: Nature Bingo
May: Botanical Journal
June: Wee Rascals
July: Seedling
August: Lil’Bit
September: Free Gift
October: TBA

We love that you love Luna Loves. Your support allows initiatives such as this to not only continue but to thrive. 

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