This year we have begun trialling the use of home compostable shipping satchels, via our 100% carbon neutral courier Sendle. If you have received your order in one of our new satchels, you might be wondering how exactly it all works & what’s the next step from here? Don’t worry, we’re here to help – & we promise, it’s as easy as pie.

So, what are they made of?

CORN. That’s right, much like our corn-starch packaging beans, these satchels are also made from golden goodness. While they may feel like plastic, they’re actually made of 100% biodegradable & compostable materials. Corn starch, PLA (Polylactide, which is made from waste corn and other plants), & PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate)

The hard part

Before your satchels become worm food, make sure you remove all extras – tape, stickers, labels, etc. As for composting them – all you have to do is pop the satchel in with your food scraps & green waste & they will begin breaking down. Just like that. The satchels will biodegrade within 90-180 days in a regular home composting process. In a commercial facility, it would happen even faster. & if somehow it winds up left under a tree – well, it will still biodegrade! (just a bit slower). Not so hard after all, hey?

Are they certified?

YES. These satchels have passed Australia’s AS5810 certified home compostable requirements, which includes a worm toxicity test, so they’re also worm farm friendly.

We hope you will love our new mailing satchels as much as we do! If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch.