Rachael | The Motherhood Journal

How Does Your Heart Feel? A Mother’s Anxious Heart. One of my favorite books to read with my daughter is “In My Heart: A Book of Feelings” by Jo Witeck. Through metaphors and similes a little girl identifies feelings and emotions such as happiness, sadness, and fear....

Sharna | The Motherhood Journal

• Once Upon A Time • Once Upon A Time, I was criticised for being 16 & pregnant. I was looked at as a child with a child. Perhaps they were right.. in hindsight I didn’t have a licence, I didn’t have money and I didn’t have a plan. I was not as “together” as all...

The Motherhood Journal

Becoming a parent, one of the most fundamental and universal of all human experiences, is oftentimes referred to as the beginning of life's greatest adventure. When you become a parent (whether that begins at conception, adoption, or birth for you), not only is a...

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