So, you’ve been cooped up at home for who knows how long now and for who knows how much longer. Odds are everyone is tired, stressed, and just feeling all of the feels – including a bit lost. Well, to add to the already – and suddenly – saturated blog market of play ideas for iso kids, we’ve come up with something a little different to help you and your family. Instead of bombarding you with ideas on what I, an Adult, think kids might enjoy at this time, I went straight to those who know better – kids themselves. Here are 50 fun things for kids to do at home during isolation, straight from the source: My 5 year old daughter & 7 year old son.

First up, my son. Nate is 7. He’s sweet & sensitive, yet becoming more bold & brave with age. He is a giant homebody yet loves nature & the outdoors; his favourite place to be is camping. He’s very curious – he’s our science kid & is forever asking questions & seeking answers. Here is a heavily condensed list of 30 of his ideas for #isoplay:

  1. Books. They can make a tent for their kitty cats, make up their own stories, or they can read them to their ancestors!
  2. Bird watching. It’s always good to look at nature. You need a bird book & binoculars, & you can tick them off in your book.
  3. Nature Coat. They can make a jumper & glue sticks & grass to it so they can hide & be camouflaged to get closer to the birds!
  4. Find a leaf & decorate it with flowers – use what nature is already giving you, nature is fun!
  5. Statues. Stand still & pretend to be a tree so that butterflies will land on you & you can look at them up close!
  6. Find a ribbon or rubber band & string it up between two trees or sticks to make music. Decorate them with leaves & flowers! & try to make bee noises to attract bees!
  7. Use sticks to play swords & knights. Make a shield & cover it with leaves for camouflage!
  8. Plant flowers for the bees! Plant a wild garden so you can pretend you’re in the jungle!
  9. Get their mothers & daddies pens & pretend they are tranquillisers & you’re on a dinosaur exhibition!
  10. Climb trees like you’re a monkey!
  11. (Here we pause for a very elaborate & specific garden set up to attract bees. He really like bees.)
  12. Save any butterflies & bees you find & release them back in the wild where it’s safe.
  13. Find a book & write about all the things you’ve been doing so you can do them another day!
  14. Plant a book & make a forest for birds!
  15. Make potions that smell like flowers (to attract bees & butterflies, of course).
  16. Bury your entire body except for your head so that the creatures think you’re just a little mountain.
  17. Paint a nature picture! Or a picture for the birds!
  18. Paint story stones
  19. Use toys to pretend you’re playing knights.
  20. Decorate your windows with leaves & flowers & paintings to pretend you’re in the jungle.
  21. Find sticks & make a nature wreath
  22. Use books to identify the plants & animals in your garden!
  23. Make your own short movie!
  24. Build a shelter using blankets or sticks.
  25. Have a campfire
  26. Try to identify footprints.
  27. Make flower crowns & flower dresses & paint nails!
  28. Look at the stars & the planets & the moon
  29. Start a nature journal & they can draw what they see – maybe they’ll see some deer or wombats!
  30. Practice your survival skills for when you go back to the woods
The masterminds themselves

& here are a selection of ideas from my daughter, Annika. Annika is five & she is a cat or puppy at least 70% of the time. She’s a social butterfly & adores making friends & going places, & is always up for an adventure. She loves art & creating as well as dinosaurs & video games. Here’s 20 of her ideas for #isoplay:

  1. Have a bath with a bath bomb & play with your favourite toys in the bath!
  2. Paint the walls with bubbles
  3. Play minecraft on game mode 1! (Creative mode)
  4. Play adventures with walkie talkies!
  5. Go on a pokemon hunt (Pokemon Go)
  6. Go on a bike ride or walk up the street. They can take their babies!
  7. Flower press with their mums!
  8. Ask their mums if they can watch TV
  9. Play with their mums ALL day!
  10. Read books
  11. Play spotlight with torches & look for bats
  12. Do drawing & painting & craft with buttons & glue.
  13. Maybe they can fly Arnold (A kite – our kite’s name is Arnold McFly) in the back yard, but watch out for trees.
  14. Do puzzles & board games or maybe they can just help their mums all day
  15. They can make cakes! & then eat them all up!
  16. Play & play & play & play all day
  17. In case they have a kitty cat or a puppy they can give them a hug
  18. Send letters in the mail to all of their friends
  19. Maybe they can learn to climb the walls! (Doorframes. She means doorframes.)
  20. Make potions in the back yard with flowers & sand & toys.

& there you have it. 50 stuck-at-home play ideas for your little ones, from my little ones. If this list shows anything, it’s that the little things really do matter the most. We – the kids especially – would love to hear what additions your own little ones would make, so let us know in the comments! We may even make a community kids list 😉 x